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"She believed the world had begun last Tuesday. January the twelfth, to be precise. When I asked her how she came up with the idea, she just shrugged, before looking at me as though it were obvious." – Charlotte Amelia Poe.

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In The Wide, Open Air


In The Wide, Open Air

Charlotte Amelia Poe

Sent to live in the small seaside town of Lowestoft by his mother, Theo sits, grumpy and alone in a small cafe, glaring at his coffee. A world away from his life in New York, at least his demons can’t reach him there.

Enter stage left: Felix. A boy with no sense of self-preservation and a kindness that can’t be beaten down, he spies the grumpy boy sitting by himself and wonders, what’s he so angry about?

A tale of the noise and bustle, the still and silence, running so fast you might not be able to stop, and finally, finally, coming up for air.

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Into a Bright Bound, Sea Surrounded Fury


Into a Bright Bound, Sea Surrounded Fury

Charlotte Amelia Poe

The world rarely ends without casualties.

A haemorrhagic fever spreads quickly across America, killing almost everybody. Daniel and Seamus both believe they’re the last man alive. This is their story of survival, of the worst humanity has to offer and then of finding love in a hopeless situation.

As the slate of humanity is wiped near perfectly clean, Daniel and Seamus must fight against the worst of it, the dog eat dog of the final days, to try find a life worth living.

A short, intense thriller, with LGBT content and mature themes.

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The Laws Of Sympathetic Magic

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“So, what are we doing?” Clint pulls up a seat beside Sam, who just rolls his eyes.

“What we do every Saturday, Croft, we’re Bobbin Watching.” Sam replies, gesturing behind him. Ben lets out a long sigh.

Ben is obsessed. With a boy known only by the name Bobbin. Weeks of coffee shop stalking has gone into this relationship, weeks, I tell you. The only thing Ben knows for sure is that Bobbin is tall, dark and man-bunned, and utterly irresistible. He’s yet to come up with a decent excuse to ask the man out, but with a little help from his friends, that might all be about to change. And with friends like these, who needs enemies?