My name is Charlotte Amelia Poe and I am twenty seven years old and I live in England. When I was in high school I experienced trauma over the course of four years of abuse and I’m trying to recover from this. I suffer with generalised anxiety disorder, depression, agoraphobia, chronic PTSD and ASD. I like the idea of being more than my disabilities, though sometimes it is hard to see the light through the trees. I want to write, sometimes, sometimes I never want to write again. And yet, it is the one thing I come back to. I will be posting snippets from the fictional life of Sophia Hamilton, a character who I want to write about, but who isn’t someone who can be pinned down to linear chapters and easy paragraphs. I hope you’ll be patient with the mix between updates of my life and hers, and hopefully we won’t blend too much. Life is art, life is a story, and anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something. Remember to try create something beautiful, and live your life unapologetically as long as it doesn’t negatively impact on anyone else’s. Stay beautiful. xx