last tuesday club

"She believed the world had begun last Tuesday. January the twelfth, to be precise. When I asked her how she came up with the idea, she just shrugged, before looking at me as though it were obvious." – Charlotte Amelia Poe.

Month: February, 2017

the bridge

last chance to save a life

take a deep breath

what do you say?


the older we get,

the more movies we loved as children,

will become graveyards,

and the actors mere ghosts,

haunting screens,

as we outlive our heroes.


Box Of Vintage Study Aid Bones 1950s (Taxidermy)

A rare example of a box of study aid bones from a English school, King James Grammar School, Biology Department. Unsure of what species of animal they’re from, some have markings on them. They have a lovely aged stained patina. Would look beautiful displayed or used in crafts. Any questions feel free to ask. Will be sent tracked for your piece of mind.

£35.00 + postage